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Rick Silver, Founder and Director of The THRIVE Center, located in Columbia: The mother of a 20 year old patient had spent an hour with me in my office, explaining the details of her son’s developmental challenges over the past decade.“I’m hoping you can tell us what’s wrong and what to do about it.

He was always moody and has had rageful episodes since he was little.

And together with them, we can forge a path that ultimately leads to successful independence.In our heart of hearts, we know we will continue to love our children no matter what happens, to support them no matter what it takes.But in the face of these overwhelming challenges, how do we find the path that will help them heal and learn the requisite skills of adult life?Family Therapy/ Parent Support – to explore how family interactions and communications can better support the journey of the young adult to health; and5.Substance abuse or video addictions treatment Social skills support, life skills training, self-care training and emotional self-regulation approaches often come into play with this population.

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First, we must get clear and accurate information about who they are – how their brains work, how their psyches shape their choices and behavior. Neuropsychological testing, which helps define the cognitive and emotional strengths and weaknesses of our child2.

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