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The games of previous millennia were discontinued and then revived by Lycurgus of Sparta, Iphitos of Elis, and Cleisthenes of Pisa at the behest of the Oracle of Delphi who claimed that the people had strayed from the gods, which had caused a plague and constant war.

Restoration of the games would end the plague, usher in a time of peace, and signal a return to a more traditional lifestyle.

The games were held every four years, or olympiad, which became a unit of time in historical chronologies.

The earliest myths regarding the origin of the games are recounted by the Greek historian, Pausanias.Pelops became a great king, a local hero, and he gave his name to the Peloponnese.One other myth, this one occurring after the aforementioned myth, is attributed to Pindar.Sculptors and poets would congregate each olympiad to display their works of art to would-be patrons.The ancient Olympics had fewer events than the modern games, and only freeborn Greek men were allowed to participate, although there were victorious women chariot owners.

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