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Still, I thought it HAD TO BE A GOOD IDEA because ever part of it made sense in my head. I wrote back with a final appeal, telling them that my blog has high google ranking and that a lot of my reviews appear in the top google results when people search for them (it’s true! It’s completely overpriced (it still is, in 2015), and the camera itself doesn’t tilt or pan, which was a feature I was hoping for since my daughter has free rein of her room. This camera is LESS THAN 0, and way better than the almost-0 Wifi Baby camera.

So I emailed the company, told them I believed in their product from what I knew of it, and that I’d love the opportunity to review it on my blog with pictures and screenshots and whatnot, so that others searching for i Phone baby monitors would be able to find my review and learn more about it, and feel more secure purchasing it. ) and reminding them that moms who are unsure but curious would love to read about first-hand experience with their product. They sent me a very rude email saying not to contact them again. But the more I looked at it and wished there were another option, the closer I came to the lightbulb moment. It just requires a bit more tech knowledge (OR this blog post, where I’ve saved you the trial and error I went through myself) to set up. (Note: I’m not endorsing NOT visiting your baby or meeting his or her needs.

This conviction was solidified when I nannied for another family who had sound-only monitors.

There were so many times I had to peek in because of a sound when it would have been perfectly fine (but I couldn’t know until I peeked! and the door closing, or the tiny bit of change in light, or the sound of a floorboard squeaking would wake up the child…

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I tried to convince the parents to buy a video monitor but they didn’t understand what they were missing, so they stuck with audio-only.

I researched and researched, and in 2009, when I was looking at these, there were not as many options as there are now.

Sometimes it was a bit loud in there, but he was just lying in bed telling his stuffed animal a story. It’s just far too useful to be able to have that little bit of extra information.

In 2011, touch screen video monitors are becoming all the rage.

The Summer Infant Baby Touch Color Video Monitor was highly advertised and very popular, at 0 for the receiver and one camera.

My phone is usually on my person, and as long as I plug it in at night, I rarely have to think about charging it, so this would be perfect! IP cameras are available at a range of price points, and with a variety of features.

My searching took me to the Wifi Baby Video Monitor, which seems to be (in 2011) semi-well-known among techy mamas. I’m not sure what IP stands for, but it means that it can connect to your wifi network (or can be plugged in with ethernet) WITHOUT being connected to a computer (another option I had seen and immediately ruled out was a camera that only worked when your computer was on. It has night vision/infrared that works up to 26 feet or so – MORE than adequate for any nursery or child’s room, can pan and tilt to view nearly an entire room (depending on where you mount it), has a mic and even speakers (so you can talk to your child from far away!

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There is no receiver (like with the summer infant monitor) so you’ll need to be prepared to use your Android smart phone, i Phone, i Pad, and/or your computer. So I have the long version of installation (how it actually went for me), and then the short version. If your baby needs a new diaper or to nurse or even just a snuggle, by all means, GO IN THERE.

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