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Otherwise, they are being disloyal and if they are disloyal, then that eternity of bliss is less certain.Also, your parents can tell themselves that maybe you’ll come around and that your current doubts are all part of God’s master plan.This is not a post for attacking Christian beliefs or promoting atheistic views. Maybe you would refuse to leave until they came away with you. But this is not what Christians do for their friends and family who they really believe are on the verge of falling into eternal torture, even though they this stuff, but they don’t act like it. Let’s say we all lived in Poland at the start of World War II and you got word that soon, the Nazis were going to invade the town where several of your friends and family lived.The whole concept of heaven and hell are somewhat misunderstood, I think.Our concept of hell is due more to Dante than to what the Bible actually says.As best we can tell, humans always act so as to fulfill the strongest of their current desires, given their beliefs.But I very much doubt that Christians do not have a strong desire to save their spouses, their children, and their best friends from eternal agony.

We could point out the same thing in atheists as well – why don’t you live every moment of your life knowing that you will die? We do because we feel it’s important, but in our everyday lives, it doesn’t cross our minds. Not thinking about hell helps them live a normal life in the same way that not thinking about death helps us do the same. But, these are still good questions, things that Christians often ask of each other.If you have an immediate prayer need, please call our 24-hour prayer line at 800-945-5640.CBN's ministry is made possible by the support of our CBN Partners.So there seems to be something weird about the they believe? If you really believe this, you shouldn’t have to tell yourself, “You’re right, I really should try harder to evangelize.” No, if you really believed, you would already have that motivation! And if you really believed, you wouldn’t need to constantly repeat the doctrines of Christianity to yourself, and do everything you can to “build up your faith.” I don’t need to remind myself that the Holocaust happened or that gravity is real. Um, well their beliefs aren’t just amoral propositions. So if they think God wants them to play life a certain way, they are obligated to comply.I don’t need to constantly “build up my faith” in the existence of magnetism. Hence, wearing a seat belt makes sense if it is their duty in this life to take care of it until the time is right.

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