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At her concert on January 2, 2016, Cyndi Wang professed her love to Yuan Hao and shared about how her life and career had hit rock bottom when she went ahead with the relationship three years ago.I’m not going to feel schadenfreude to hear this news but there are some who are understandably going to react with a “you get what’s due” sense of inevitable.TW-news is reporting that dating stars Cyndi Wang and Yao Yuan Hao have called it quits after four years together, or five years together if you add the year prior when she was the third wheel interloper in his super messy breakup with Sonia Sui.Yao Yuan Hao and Sonia dated for 8 years and the breakup was the biggest tabloid fodder in 2012, when reporters caught Yao Yuan Hao and Cyndi together multiple times despite him still dating Sonia and worst being Sonia learning about it by reading said tabloids.Taiwanese actor Yao Yuanhao, 33, reportedly asked Cyndi Wang’s family for permission to marry, but his lack of income compared to the singer was cited as a reason he was turned down.

It is believed that Cyndi and Yuan Hao started being close friends after they attended events organised by Yuan Hao's management agency.

In response to the reports, her manager shared, “(Derek) and Cyndi have been good friends for more than a decade.

He’s also her spiritual teacher, so please don’t joke around with such matters.

In response to the reports, Cyndi and Yuan Hao explained that they met in Kenting because Yuan Hao usually uses his time off work to surf and Cyndi was there with her family.

The singer had also informed her fans that she was in Kenting through her Facebook page.

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