Dangers of dating iraqui women

AAH, led by controversial cleric Qais al-Khaz'ali, has now formalised that arrangement and made it clear it will be nominating candidates for political office, seemingly ignoring Abadi and his government entirely.

Abadi has also stated repeatedly that he has not authorised the PMF or its constituent militias to fight abroad, including in Syria.

Under the proposed amendments, men would be allowed to marry girls as young as nine, therefore legalising paedophilia.

The proposal would also open the way for men to enter into polygamous marriages without the consent of their first wife, as well as allowing the automatic custody of children over two in the case of divorce.

The most damaged areas were in Iraqi Kurdistan, where there are fears the death toll may rise as emergency services continue to sift through the rubble left in the wake of the tremors.

Many houses in rural Kurdistan are made of mud brick, leaving them susceptible to powerful quakes.

The agreement – which stipulated that PUK-aligned Kurdish Peshmerga fighters would not resist Baghdad's forces – was sponsored by Iran, which has long enjoyed warm ties with the Talabani family and even supported them during the 1994-97 Kurdish Civil War.The Turkish Red Crescent were quick to mobilise aid, and have been working with their Iraqi counterparts to alleviate the humanitarian catastrophe that has seen people made homeless and living on the streets.Kurdish leadership decries 'treasonous elements' over Kirkuk loss As Iraqi Kurdistan contends with the aftermath of the quake, they are still dealing with the humiliating defeat they suffered at the hands of the federal government last month.Their sense of entitlement comes from Iran's strong support for them, whereby they have entirely taken over public and private development and building projects, profiting handsomely from government corruption and nepotism.While the prime minister is attempting to rally support for his re-election campaign, including by courting radical Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, he will face increasing resistance even if he manages to win next year's vote.

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The latter was controversially embroiled in a sectarian war crimes scandal exposed by Der Spiegel earlier this year.

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