Dating and marriage customs in japan

The women often get in for free, as is advertised up front, and sometimes are offered things like free manicures, coffee, manga, or other things to help encourage them to come.Similarly, there are things called telephone clubs, which operate like they sound.

However, it is very common for people to meet through other sources dedicated to helping people initiate a relationship, much more so than what you would typically find here in America.

The parents may or may not mention to the child they are doing such, and will typically employ a third party called a , who will often have a wide range of contacts, and will act as a go-between for two parties seeking to have their children meet others.

Then, "portfolios" of the potential mates are analyzed as provided by the , or what we would consider as a resume, that includes other basic information concerning the individual, such as age, occupation, etc.

After some initial communicating and socially encouraging games amongst the each other, the same sexes get together and discuss who is interested in who, and hopefully phone numbers and/or e-mails are exchanged.

(Side note: E-mailing is still somewhat popular in Japan even with the enormous popularity of cell phones).

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