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Currently I have jackets in sizes 38L, 40R, and 44R. 3, which is often erroneously called "khaki" by novices.

I have owned all the regular sizes (34-44) and measured them all to make sure our patterns were correct. The actual color varies widely from uniform to uniform- it ranges from grass stain green to a golden tan. The jacket has 4 angled pockets- the lower ones being slightly larger than those on the breast.

They are not trying to figure out how to duplicate and re-assemble a uniform.

The unissued uniform we initially copied in 1998 is long gone.

A belt was provided at the waist to keep the jacket close to the body.Four air vents are provided in the armpits- early jackets used sewn eyelets while later ones tend to use metal grommets like HBT caps.As for modern zippers- Conmar and Talon are now just names one pays to have stamped on zippers.The most important aspect of vintage clothing is being able to identify how old an article of clothing is.There are many clues that can be found in the details of every garment.

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This page will help identify types of vintage zippers and the time period that they were primarily used, as well as give a brief history about the company behind the zipper.

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