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If I don't reply to a PM or review its most probably cause I am unable to use a laptop or computer so I apologize now!My favourite book/film in the world is Harry Potter - Prisoner of Azkaban to be specific.That relationship was perfectly accepted, encouraged even, and no one raised a question to the fact that Edward Cullen was, in fact, 108 years old making him 92 years Bella’s senior.But that didn’t matter because he 17 and so their relationship was ok.I find it ironic that I get a ‘perverted’ comment on one of my HP/TMR fics because of the age gap, but the 92 year gap between Bella and Edward is forgotten. your argument has just been voided because if it’s acceptable for mainstream book sales and films, its acceptable in my fic..

Harry/Draco - Some are amazing, some make me angry because they are written stupidly, Harry would never be reliant on Draco, it would happen.

Remus/Lucius - Only read a few of these fics but I fell in love, not everyones cup of tea but I'm strange :)Draco/Hermione - Awesome pairing, my favourite Hermione ship, I read a fic by 'bookworm1993' called 'simply irresistible' amazing example.

Draco/Twins - Amazing trio, possibly my favourite Draco ship Ron/Blaise - There's just something about it.

Ok, so I'm now on AO3 for those who prefer it over there - it's under the same name Jessiikaa15.

I'm slowly posing my work over there, but it's taking me a while to get used to the layout.

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