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Consider this the missing link between the Victorian stovetop and the modern studio-apartment's efficiency counter space.

When Maxwell Tonk set out to build this bicycle in 1897, he decided to do by using steam to bend pieces of hickory into shape.

picked it up, collector sites argued with it and the story itself required a bit of updating when artist Thomas Kincaid died.

Still, it struck a nerve by pointing out the negligible worth of items including Hess trucks, Hummel figurines, Precious Moments items and, yes, Kincaid's prints and paintings. It warned buyers away from buying dud collectibles unless they really enjoyed the items, but failed to mention where collectors could redirect their investment if they were still trying to turn a profit.

less than 20 years after Alexander Graham Bell patented his first telephone.

It was the dominant phone style in the United States through the 1930s and still makes a cameo in Forget the wires and rotary dial, smartphone guy. households by the 1940s and '50s, was its separate mouthpiece and earpiece -- the latter of which was just attached to a cord and held to the caller's ear as they held the rest of the telephone in their other hand.

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There are still folks walking this earth -- and writing this article -- who've dealt with each of those encumbrances during their lifetimes while using telephones. If cellphones seem to still be having a tough time with hand-free calls today, consider that they were practically impossible roughly 120 years ago.

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