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From the northeast, we flew south to Sao Paulo to show Linda the amazing Convention Center.It was her first missions trip outside of North America. Of the 15 visitors to IPCC missions fields this year, none were paid from out of Global Missions funds. Durwood Sawyer passed away 8 months after founding the church.Paula Hoke Ludlum is serving as Pastor of Landmark IPCC and is doing a wonderful job.It was also encouraging to see that the church fellowships with other churches in the area. It was the Elohim Church of Herndon, Virginia where Luciano Portillo serves as Pastor.Frank Angi was prevented by legal concerns surrounding the loss of his father.It is critical that more IPCC people visit and build relationships as part of the historic relationship within the IPCC.

Bishop Trueloves family visited in August since the Church Leadership Conference prevented him attending this convention.

Members are checked in and out and must attend 75% of the 3 whole days of business before being allowed to vote. To reflect their growing international influence and to align itself more with us, the body voted to change the name to IPCC (IPCI in Portuguese.) Since the 90s, the IPCC has doubled the number of nations involved in, but the Brazilian church is responsible for most of those.

Plans have been made for an outreach in Asia as well.

Now Larry and Carolyn Austin serve as Pastors once again.

The church is doing very well and is increasing in attendance.

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Another church came to the service where I ministered. The messages I preached were well received by everyone that was present. Pastor Javier Canenguez is doing a great job as Pastor of Iglesia Misionera Gloria A Christo of Leesburg, VA.

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