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("She bore a mind that envy could not but call fair.") She is brave and stays as cheerful as she can be.

In contrast to Olivia, she does not withdraw from the world to mourn.

It's an easy plot to invent on your own, and Plautus had written something similar in the "Menaechmi".

I hope someday that you'll be able to find these sources online.

(Of course, unlike Olivia, Viola can't afford this luxury.) She loves Orsino unselfishly enough to woo another woman on his behalf.

By the time the first act is over, we realize that Viola, unlike the two upper-class characters, won't be feeling sorry for herself.

While he's in love, though, he's irritable and moody. Her parents recently died, and then the brother who had been their heir died as well.

I can't really believe that the subtitle reflects condescension, as some critics who don't like comedy have suggested.

It was his job, when it was necessary, to speak plainly to the king and to tell him the blunt truth. In Shakespeare's time, the Advent season was penitential, and the Christmas celebrating only began on December 25th.

In "Twelfth Night", behind all the humor, both the jester and the play tell a truth that is at once happy and sad. "Twelfth Night" is January 5-6, the twelfth night after Christmas; you know the song about the twelve days.

: Governor of Illyria, variously described as Duke or Count.

He has a fine reputation internationally (I ii), and is known to be constant and fair (I iii).

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It was made easier by the trend for both young women and young men to have long hair.

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