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In 1997 Martin started to produce Ukuleles again but made in Mexico and only the Backpacker Soprano as part of the Backpacker range of instruments.

In 2006 Martin stopped Backpacker production and decided to go back into production with more usual Ukuleles, still making them in their Mexican factory rather than in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, and since 2010 they have a fairly eclectic mix of some of the old favourites plus some new wood options including cherry, and a laminate they started using for their X range of Guitars.

Concerts, Tenors and Taropatches were only mass produced with S1 decoration in mahogany, though more decorated and koa custom models were made.

Tiples had a different method of designating the level of decoration to other Ukuleles and I can't say I really understand it?

- Is a good site so I won’t go into it all here apart from a couple of obvious things.They inadvertently created two of the larger scale definitions we use today.Martin started out making Taropatchs in 1918, of which people liked the extra volume but didn't like the tuning issues so in 1925 Martin put the strings back to 4 and the Concert was born.Until 1932 there was no logo on the front of the headstock just a stamp on the back, and after 1934 they took the stamp off the back.In 1962 Made in USA was added to the sound hole stamp and the latest logo is embossed father than just a straight decal.

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