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These three qualities of love can be combined in different ways to make different kinds of relationships.

For example, closeness without attraction is the kind of love we feel for best friends.

But I didn't know that he and Asuna actually married and were lovers and dating and stuff, which again I don't mind.

Though I've read there is a dating/affection system that leads into stuff that doesn't QUITE seem appropriate for one who is married and happily in love.

The conversations imply that in his mind, anyone except Asuna is seen in a friendly manner, nothing more.'s a "pick whoever you want", but in the very end the story decides to disagree with that notion just for the sake of it.

These etiquette tips and advices were published in form of newspaper columns, short-stories and essays.

I know a few of the characters by name and I know the plot of the first series, and the 'Catch Up' they threw at the start of the game was a good summary for me.

I know we play as Kirito despite making our own character and renaming them, which I don't mind.

I'll be playing more of this later tomorrow but I was just really curious on the matter and wanted to ask it here and check later from my phone when I got a chance to for responses. I know the game would be noncanon and all but I didn't think they'd do something like 'Oh hey for YOU THE PLAYER we'll let you be able to date whoever you want though!

' Kind of an interesting fourth wall break for fan service in my opinion while keeping to the canon. Honestly would've felt kinda bad having Kirito date other people while Asuna and he were lovers and whatnot. Funny thing is that, since the person in the dialog of the bed scenes is supposed to be Kirito, he never does anything intimate.

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Her tips were vastly popular due to itheir simplicity which provided behavioral guidelines in layman’s language.

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