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He vented about the psychological turmoil caused by a number of dysfunctional relationship, the suicide of a close friend, and being taken advantage of by opportunists who posed as friends.Now he’s found sanctuary at home and the kind of love he was missing for so long.At the same time, these are big, anthemic, and intensely melodic songs.It's futuristic rock."In a new video interview with Artisan News Service, David Draiman speaks about how Device came together.Luckily for them, they found the perfect fit in a vocalist named David Draiman. 4) marks the 20th anniversary of that fateful audition and Draiman reflected on the key date in Disturbed history in a new posting. JEAN SHORTS), SANDALS, AND A PLAIN WHITE T-SHIRT, IN FULL "NORTH SIDE CHICAGO/STONER" MODE, LOL... THAT VERY FIRST JAM ENDED UP BECOMING OUR VERY FIRST SONG, "WANT", OFF OF The Sickness. WHAT A CRAZY RIDE ITS BEEN, AND HOW FAR WE' VE COME, THANKS TO THE MOST PASSIONATE, AND DEDICATED FANS IN THE WORLD! Even once they signed to a label and released their debut , it was a steady build and almost a full year into support of the album before they enjoyed their true breakout with the single "Down With the Sickness." Watch Draiman reflect on their beginnings below.

Meanwhile, ex-Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo, who co-wrote and recorded Device's debut album with David Draiman, will not be joining the outfit on the road. "YES.", THEY SAID, "BUT WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO SING?Before David Draiman, the vocalist for heavy metal band Disturbed, got married and had a child, many of his lyrics stemmed from personal pain and frustration.'I'm very fortunate to have him come out on tour with us in Europe, this time to celebrate his 9th birthday!Thank you Luxembourg for making this a very memorable night for him.

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This was truly a heart-warming moment for us to share.'On Facebook Melissa Williams wrote: 'We took our daughter last night (to New Jersey), it was her first concert ever!

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