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An impression is taken in rubber of the patient's existing denture and the resulting mould is used to make an exact replica of the original while the customer waits.

The dental technicians have to build the denture by attaching suitably shaped and coloured teeth, ordered from specialist manufacturers, on to the plate.The teeth are made as an integral part of the process, so can be shaded to match any tooth colour. London dentist Peter Gordon, an adviser to the British Dental Association, welcomed the initiative, although he did have some reservations. It’s never something that people look forward to, but for those getting their first dentures, it may help to understand that the elimination of the pain and embarrassment of missing teeth will soon be replaced with beautiful, functional teeth that act much like real teeth.If you are feeling sore and raw spots however, make sure to schedule an appointment with your dentist. Your gums will continue to shrink and move and therefore, the dentures will have to be changed too. Answer: The extra salivation that you are experiencing is completely natural.Uggh, I just got my dentures done and I almost prefer to have missing teeth. Your mouth believes that your dentures, as a foreign object, is food and is doing its job- physiologically – to break that down for chewing and digestion.

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