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I take her to the corner of the room and pinned her to the wall.

I held her hair tightly by my right hand and planted a kiss on her lips. She is moaning and requesting me to leave her but I am not ready to live her.

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Her breathing sped up and she blushed nervously as she tried to move away, only to find my hand holding her close.

In the process, she'd spilled her drink on her tank top- I saw a chance and moved on it. As my hand found her crotch, I responded, "Do you like it baby?

The first part of the plan is to seduce ranu and sex with her. So I start conversation with my wife and indirectly push her to take Ranu and her family with us. Our lips melted together as if they were becoming one. I hold her tight , bring my face closer and told her that I love You. Because due to the medicine and alcohol she needs some good fuck, but her consent not allow her to do so.

I secretly add two sleeping pills in Somu & Bani glasses so they never wake up before morning. Her whole body tensed as My burning lips touched her repeatedly. Due to the alcohol and medicine she can not push me out, but still show her resistance. Ranu : Sorry, I can allow you for that because I am married, and I love him very much. I bring my face close to her and planted a kiss on her cheeks.

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