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Who have been your favourite guests on Never Mind The Buzzcocks? You can’t make demands on what comedians can and can’t say. When I tried to introduce myself, she was a bit sniffy. I asked if that was before or after the Spice Girls and she became absolutely furious. At the moment, it’s a girls’ black fur coat from French Connection. When you’re struggling you never get anything but once you can afford it, you get free stuff. For everyone who comes up and says they like your stuff, someone calls you a t***. Occasionally it affects my family or friends, which is a bit bad.Howard Marks – he’s had such an interesting life and was very funny. Paloma Faith was a surprise, she was hilarious, a bit like a female me – in a stupid outfit, saying ridiculous things. It was a friend’s but she decided she didn’t like it, so I had it. It’s quite show-offy but not too show-offy, so it suits all occasions. I got a Karl Lagerfeld jacket but gave it to my dad because it was too big. I’m a Robin Hood but don’t give to the poor, I give to my mates. I did a joke once about my mum and dad having crazy parties in the 1970s with drinks and drugs but it was just a joke about cats taking acid. I love doing the telly stuff and I’m doing my own show, I’ve got my book out too, so I can’t moan.All original posts will be photos, edits and gifs made by myself, Rikki Sixx.There will also be reblogs of other people's amazing works....”But the other day, Fielding was on some ebony and ivory shit on Twitter noticing that people around the world are all the same, and if you disagreed you must be “retarded”.Twitter user @Miss Spidey “did the right thing” and said that it’s an offensive word to use.

She said of the comedian: "I think he's marvellous."You can hear the full interview at uk/radio 1.Paloma also co-starred with Girls Aloud blonde bombshell Sarah Harding in the latest St Trinian's movie, but told Fearne she hadn't got to know her at all as her security guards kept everyone at bay.More recently however, Paloma has filmed a guest appearance on Never Mind The Buzzcocks - and she revealed that Noel Fielding was chasing her for a date.Source I think a lot of it has to do with securing rights.I know QI is hung up because it would cost a lot of money to secure the rights to all the photos they use. It's hard to get Noel Fielding gossip in Germany... He made like the first appearance ever in a German girl's magazine this month as a possible new boyfriend for that singer of the kills. I don't know when they broke up, but she left him over his excessive drug use. When he did his big drug confession, he referred to Dee as his 'soulmate', even though he was with Pixie Geldolf by then (who he's not with anymore). Basically anyone a bit retro is going to be "the new Amy Winehouse" in the same way that in the 90s any young female singer was "the new Britney Spears" (even Pink - lolwat?

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Fielding’s response to this was “go back to school you dumb fuck” and tell her that she had a big nose, was old and ugly.

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