Does carbon dating work dinosaurs

We have to understand those changes if we want to survive.

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Geologist Sam Bowring and paleontologist Doug Erwin think this hillside might be a scene of the crime. What kind of a disaster, other than an asteroid, could destroy so much life?

They're looking for clues to find out what caused the mysterious end of the geological time period known as the Permian. Let's say we go back there, we look around: no flowers, no flowering plants; there's not even dinosaurs. There probably wasn't a single animal on the planet with fur. Or would you need something from out of this world? One of the prime suspects is an ancient group of volcanoes, now dormant, whose remains lie in eastern Russia.

The bright pink color comes from another microbe, purple sulfur bacteria, that thrive in hydrogen sulfide.We all know that Earth is brimming with life, all kinds of life, as it has been for most of the last 600 million years. Earth becomes a very unfriendly place, and most life can't survive. We know it's happened over and over again, in the deep past, but we don't always know why.In a remote Nevada desert, a team of investigators is trying to solve an old murder mystery.The oceans heat up and lose their oxygen, nasty bacteria take over, burping out lots of poisonous gas. What really looks like a universal way that this has happened is this global warming, leading to this terrible gas chamber atmosphere killing off life in the ocean and land.It's not so much stuff from space that gets you; it's your own planet.

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