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And had Imam es Satty managed to get the TATP into the back of the van the death toll would have been many times higher. And fifteen dead on a glamorous and glittering European boulevard at the height of the tourist season now barely rates a #Je Suis Whatever hashtag, never mind an all-star pop concert with an audience of sorrowful, tilty-headed locals promising that no matter how often you blow us up we won't change - by, say, adopting a less tilty-headed and sorrowful expression.The imam's plan - to destroy the spectacular landmark church of the Sagrada Família - is oddly similar to the plot of Brad Thor's new thriller, Use of Force, where the equivalent Spanish target is the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. function(e));define('wikia.article Video.featured Video.cookies',['wikia.cookies'],function(cookies));require(['wikia.window','wikia.geo','wikia.instant Globals','wikia.cookies','wikia.tracker','ext.Context','wikia.article Video.featured Video.data','wikia.article Video.featured Video.ads','wikia.article Video.featured Tracking','wikia.article Video.featured Video.cookies',require.optional('ext.Engine.lookup.a9')],function(win,geo,instant Globals,cookies,tracker,ad Context,video Details,featured Video Ads,featured Video Moat Tracking,featured Video Cookie Service,a9){if(! For once there wasn't even the pretense that this was a "lone wolf" terrorist.Yet, if such thoughts should rise unbidden in one's mind, it is prudent to suppress them. Or am I just prepared to call out this horrifying problem for what it is?Consider the cautionary tale of Sarah Champion, Member of Parliament for Rotherham and spokesperson for "Women and Equalities" in Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet. Whether or not it makes her a racist, it makes her ineligible to be "Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities" in Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition. If you wish to prosper on Mr Corbyn's front bench, be less like Sarah Champion and more like her fellow northern MP Naz Shah.Rod Liddle writes in The Spectator of a thwarted airline passenger called Mohammad Khan: I wonder how Mohammad Khan is getting on in his legal action against Virgin Atlantic.

And she must occasionally reflect that not so long ago one didn't hear words like "machete" and "lockdown" in connection with Buckingham Palace: "baldachin", "porte-cochère" certainly; but not "lockdown".As Steyn Club members will know, Sarah Champion was the politician who accompanied the girls I spoke to on a blackly comic visit to Downing Street to meet with David Cameron.I'm gratified by the response to the piece from readers. Tracking down the victims of Rotherham required a bit of elementary detective work on my part, but it's not that difficult.What struck me, as my time in town proceeded, was how few members of the British media had been sufficiently interested to make the effort: The young ladies were unstoppably garrulous in part because, with a few honorable exceptions, so few of their countrymen have ever sought them out to hear their stories.To damn with the faintest of praise, the victims had a more favorable view of Ms Champion than they did of the rest of officialdom - council, police, social workers, etc - who colluded with the Muslim gangs in covering up the town-wide "grooming" and blaming it on the girls.

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