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A liquid design was used so pages would resize according to the viewer's browser window.

WHY use three separate tables instead of one bigger one? View screenshot of main content area Because different sections would use different menus, three menus were designed as included pages.

These were basically the same steps I followed in converting my own site to a dwt based site.

Because she already had a working site published, we chose to use that site as a basis for the revised site.

Although we will attempt to keep this information accurate, we can not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided.

Back to the tutorials page An Example of this tutorial is here.

Expression Web 3 is a powerful tool to implement standard-based styles in Web site formating.

Lets see an example of creating a page with two columns with the left fixed and an external style sheet: This page is maintained by Al Bento who can be reached at [email protected] page was last updated on April 5, 2010.

Because there would be two of us working on this project, it was easier to create a new one page web in Front Page. Decide how you want the basic site to look and define those styles in an external style sheet: The next step was to create an index page that the dwt would be based on.

This tutorial will show you how to make a form and send the answers from the form to your e-mail address.

In Front Page the form tool used "bots" to get the information off the html page. Example: Name Address City, St, Zip Phone Message 3. Go to the toolbox and under Form Controls, right click ' Input (Text)'.

DWT's are available only with the 2003 version of Front Page and Expression Web.

If you want to learn more about Dynamic Web Templates (DWT's for short) I suggest you download Tina Clarke's FREE DWT EBooks.

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Templates should have a constant part common to all pages and editable area(s) to allow each page to have its own content.

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