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We were one of the early adopters of getting an actual brand page on Facebook - even before company pages were supported I had created a Facebook group in 2007 called ‘I’d Rather Be In a Trek Light Hammock’ which had around 400 members before the change.And so began the slow road of building a following online.But, something else happened at the exact same time that Facebook stopped ‘delivering all the mail’ so to speak, which paints a very different picture of their intentions.

The community was growing faster than ever, getting better and better day by day and then… Facebook decided to begin controlling and filtering what everyone sees in their News Feed.

Then, there suddenly appeared a new option to pay Facebook to ‘promote’ individual posts and get them delivered back to the same people who had always received them in the past.

All of this also just happened to coincide with Facebook going public and needing to create as many new revenue streams as possible - it’s not so hard to understand the reasons for change behind the scenes.

If you’re a fellow business owner or page manager of any kind, I hope you’ll find the knowledge you need to help rescue your Facebook community and bring value back to everyone involved.

It was back in 2008, sitting in my tiny apartment that was Trek Light HQ, that I created the official Facebook page for Trek Light Gear.

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