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Thought to be a seedling of the winesap, Arkansas Black Apples were extremely popular in the 1800s, and remain a delicacy for chefs around the country more...“The Atlantic sturgeon is a long-lived, estuarine dependent, anadromous fish.Atlantic sturgeon can grow to approximately 14 feet (4.3 m) long and can weigh up to 800 lbs (370 kg).They are bluish-black or olive brown dorsally (on their back) with paler sides and a white belly. They are distinguished by armor-like plates and a long protruding snout that is ventrally located, with four barbels crossing in more...

The plant gives a small fruit, a red berry-like drupe, boasting a pronounced, especially spicy more...This tree grows along the eastern US where the climate is just right for it to produce a sweet and buttery-flavored nut with an incredibly high protein value. Nearly a century ago, the American Chestnut tree was ubiquitous among the hilly slopes of the eastern US. American Indians mixed Persimmon pulp, corn meal, and ground acorns to make breads and thick soups.African Americans used Persimmons to make sweet pudding, candy, and..more...Search your region to find which items have a history where you live.Originally date palms were domesticated in Mesopotamia.

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The tomatoes are teardrop or heart-shaped with a brilliant red orange color.

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