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If you still smart when you get the breadcrumbs, take it from me.

In a while, you’ll look at them and laugh heartily.

The whole seeing-multiple-people-until-someone-brings-up-exclusivity is something we appear to be fine with.

But for the Irish race, this is too newfangled a concept for us to be truly good at it yet.

But surely you realise that the other person — trapped in your holding pattern, for better or worse — believes that they’re the ones at fault? This taps into people’s worst fears of abandonment.

Ultimately, it will make them a worse partner in the long run, because the poor schmuck that comes after you is going to have to bore his sorry way through more layers of hostility, issues and self-protection.

You don’t need to be a pop psychologist to figure out just why this is so spectacularly effective.

Done ostensibly to keep the other party interested, breadcrumbers keep the embers alight with random flirtatious texts, and the odd Facebook like, before receding back into obscurity for another while.

You’ll know pretty much that you won’t see him again, and that’s fine. Say what you will, but tradition still weighs down on us heavily in Ireland. But we’re only a couple of generations away from courting at the ballroom and marrying the first man to lay a hand on us.

In Ireland, the guy who has lukewarm feelings for you will still snog you like you’re in The Notebook, take your number as though it’s next week’s lottery numbers and lead you into a false sense of security. Personally, I don’t think we’re okay in being one-sixth of a guy’s girlfriend collection. You didn’t really think we’d be okay with being one of five potential girlfriends for someone, did you?

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