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Earlier this year, Nathan Robinson of Current Affairs wrote an article against school vouchers.He argued that private schools would be so focused on profit that they would sacrifice quality, and that competition wouldn’t be enough to keep them in line.I counterargued that yes it would, and cited among other things the success of food stamps (ie “food vouchers”).These give poor people access to the same dazzling variety of food choices as everyone else, usually at reasonable prices and low profit margins.

At the American Free Diner, anyone can show up and eat, and the food is free.

Worse, it’s pitched in ways that trick people into thinking it’s healthier than it is.

For example, the average Minute Maid juice bottle has about as much sugar as soda, but deceptive corporate branding ensures most people won’t realize that. If companies can lie about the nutritional value of their food, the ones that do will outcompete the ones that don’t.

But the result is perverse: the company simply tries to get “as many ounces as possible into as many bodies as possible.” Every additional Coca-Cola sold is an additional dollar of revenue. “Growth potential” is all that matters, regardless of other consequences. And they flow perfectly rationally from the structure of the institution […] People who defend capitalism do think it produces good results, because the incentive is to sell as many goods as possible, and that means selling the products that people want to buy.

And the lives of people only matter to the extent that keeping them alive longer will allow them to drink more Coke. But, like the paperclip maximizer, “sell the goods that people will buy” is a benign rule that leads to a perverse result.

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But it does ensure that anyone who wants to can turn up and get a high-quality meal for free, without having to have much information on their own, without having to have any money, and without having to do very much One of the reasons people will be skeptical about the Free Diner is that they have little confidence in the state to do anything right.

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