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head back to the east side of this upper area, on the other side of the house there are three barrels, two contain 2 GOLD COINS and a MEDICINAL HERB.

Leave the home and go north, there is a set of stairs here which you can climb up. You'll find a chest down here with a LEATHER SHIELD.

Examine one of the cabinets to get an ANTIDOTAL HERB.

Note that all compass directions given are based on the map that you can open up with the square button. When you have then turn around and go in the opposite direction through the large arch where you should find a burned down building.

To defeat the Slimes simply choose Fight and then Attack every turn and they'll go down almost immediately. Upon arriving in the town Trode explains that their goal is to locate Dhoulmagus, the one who transformed them both into a horse and a... Tell Trode that you would be happy to help him locate Rylus. Follow my instructions carefully if you want to find the items in this area. Near where you begin there are a couple of stands, one of them is a shop where you can buy some items if you want.

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