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Issue: You receive the message "Document template access could not be authenticated." Templates are restricted to access by setting the Accessibility.

This message means the credentials you are passing (context identifier, username) do not have access to the specified template.

a word document is sent but the file Type is left at the default 'PDF'), etc.

Issue: working with a proxy generated against the Document NOW wsdl in a .

These are the items to check: Issue: You receive the message "The specified template contains workflow only but no Jot Blocks were provided in the request or embedded in the document file itself" This error will occur anytime there is a document submission that does not contain any Jot Blocks in the base template or dynamically defined in the XML or embedded in the underlying file.

If the underlying file does contain embedded Jot Block definitions, one thing to check will be to make sure that the "Parse Document" attribute is set to "true" on the "File Document" or "File Retrieval Document" element.

DESCRIPTION This plugin highlights whitespace at the end of each line (except when typing at the end of a line).

It uses the matchadd()-function, therefore doesn't interfere with syntax highlighting and leaves the :match command for other uses.

-bar Show Trailing Whitespace On call Show Trailing Whitespace#Set(1,1) command!Highlighting can be switched on/off globally and for individual buffers.The plugin comes with exceptions for certain filetypes, where certain lines can / must include trailing whitespace; additional patterns can be configured.RELATED WORKS There are already a number of plugins for this purpose, most based on this Vim Tip: However, most of them use the older :match command and are not as flexible.- (vimscript #2635) highlights based on file extension or name.

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CONFIGURATION For a permanent configuration, put the following commands into your vimrc: To change the highlighting colors (do this after any :colorscheme): highlight Show Trailing Whitespace ctermbg=Red guibg=Red By default, highlighting is enabled for all buffers, and you can (selectively) disable it.

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