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While in college, Heidi competed in the Miss California beauty pageant.

She was a finalist in 2000, Semi-finalist in 2001, First Runner-up in 2002, and Third Runner-up in 2003.

With the news on Friday about CSNNE’s Jessica Moran quitting her job with the network due to rumors about her relationship with Red Sox manager John Farrell, it is perhaps time to wonder what sort of policies are in place on Yawkey Way about this sort of thing.

Former GM Ben Cherington was previously married to Wendi Nix, who had worked at NESN, Fox Sports New England and WHDH during the time in which Cherington was coming up in the Red Sox organization.

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In 2008, Heidi began working for the Boston Red Sox as an on-field reporter.

See also: The bizarre history of rumored relationships between Red Sox and media members () ******* The passing of Bud Collins last week was appropriately noted by many in the profession.

While many of us grew up seeing Collins as the face of Tennis on NBC, especially around Wimbledon, Collins was much more than just a tennis writer/commentator.

There is more opportunity for these types of relationships to develop, which doesn’t make them acceptable, but perhaps does explain why they seem to happen more.

It might be time however, for the Red Sox to put some sort of policy in place about these things.

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