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Eventually, at the end of the episode, Molly Cunningham, and eventually the others, see him flying in the sky, though he is kept off-camera.

In "Miracle at the 34th Precinct", while testing out in his new sleigh, Santa accidentally falls out and lands in Burbank, California, where he loses his memory and hangs out with Fall-Apart Rabbit, who nicknames him Jim. He operates out of the planet North Polaris, where utilizing an interstellar sleigh and a time-manipulation device, delivers presents to all the planets within the Galactic Alliance.

The Prep & Landing specials revolve around a special group of elves that prepare the homes that Santa, codenamed the "Big Guy", visits during the Christmas Eve night.

His face is never fully shown onscreen, except from a distance in a few shots in Operation: Secret Santa. Whiskers • Lola Boa • Ed the Otter • Cheryl and Meryl • Tiffany Turlington • Gina • Tito • Wolfie • Sandy Carington • Mr. Phyllis • Auntie Marla • Margo • Lemur • Gaspar Le'Gecko • Gabriella • Isabelle • Lorenzo • Lester • Vlad • The Vic Season One: "Mr.

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Santa was mentioned in the episode "Jolly Molly Christmas".

However, Emperor Zurg manages to steal the time-manipulation device and seeks to use it to ruin the holiday for everyone.

Santa enlists the help of Buzz and his crew, though Buzz doubts that Santa is the real deal.

Nicholas." The Santa Claus myth is based largely on the Dutch holiday of "Sinterklaas" (a hastily pronounced "St.

Nicholas", who comes down the chimney on the fifth/sixth of December) and the imagery of the Saint in question carried over to his North Pole incarnation.

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