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She got a job working at a Levi’s store in Beverly Hills.

Six months ago, she borrowed Bell’s Sony Handycam and started making videos.

Little Loca—a composite of the tough-talking, strong-willed Ryan used to admire in Victorville—was born.

At the same time, they’d begun noticing suspicious details that called into question the diary’s authenticity: the mole on Loca’s right cheek seemed to vary in size and placement; Raúl bore a striking resemblance to Drake Bell, the co-star of Nickelodeon’s “Drake and Josh,” a teen sitcom; and didn’t Loca resemble a young woman—a white woman—named Stevie Ryan, who’d been photographed with Drake Bell at the MTV Movie Awards, in June?

Loca’s outing mirrored, in some ways, that of the season’s most famous Internet adolescent, Lonely Girl15, whose homespun, if sharply edited, tales of science projects, boy troubles, and religion captivated millions of You Tube viewers before she was exposed as the creation of filmmakers represented by the Creative Artists Agency on Wilshire Boulevard, instead of, say, a girl in her bedroom on some sleepy Midwestern Main Street.

But whereas the people behind Lonely Girl15 were interested, from the outset, in exploring the possibilities of a “new art form,” as they called it, unfolding in two-minute episodes, Stevie Ryan came by her You Tube celebrity accidentally, while killing time between auditions and acting classes.

Throughout her childhood and adolescence, Ryan harbored escape fantasies involving the Hollywood of her parents’ and grandparents’ generations—Lucille Ball, Audrey Hepburn, Buster Keaton, Clara Bow—but she never participated in high-school theatrical productions.

She did attend her high-school prom dressed as Marilyn Monroe, down to the elbow-length gloves.

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Of the seventy thousand videos added to the site every day, fewer than a dozen receive this special treatment.

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