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M&Ms™ were shaken in a bag, poured out on the table, and then removed to the decayed pile if they did not show their “m” label.As parent element M&Ms™ were removed through radiometric decay, daughter element marshmallows replaced them.The unit began with an introductory lesson on radioactive isotopes, followed by two days of hands-on small group activities that developed critical thinking, math and graph making/interpretation skills.First, students visualized the concepts of radioactive decay and half-life in an activity using M&Ms™ and marshmallows.Ephemerides of the planet Saturn also sometimes contain the apparent inclination of its ring.Celestial navigation serves as a backup to the Global Positioning System.Even though the calculation of these tables was one of the first applications of mechanical computers, printed ephemerides are still produced, as they are useful when computational devices are not available.The astronomical position calculated from an ephemeris is given in the spherical polar coordinate system of right ascension and declination.

) gives the positions of naturally occurring astronomical objects as well as artificial satellites in the sky at a given time or times.Solar system ephemerides are essential for the navigation of spacecraft and for all kinds of space observations of the planets, their natural satellites, stars, and galaxies.Scientific ephemerides for sky observers mostly contain the positions of celestial bodies in right ascension and declination, because these coordinates are the most frequently used on star maps and telescopes.Later, students applied this knowledge to determine the ages of a series of rocks and organic remains represented by bags of Froot Loops™.Various colors were used to indicate parent and daughter isotopes of several elements with different half-lives.

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The equinox of the coordinate system must be given.

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