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Couldn't even tell you which ones, I just starting messing with all of them then resetting.

Got quite irate with the Asus customer service both on the phone and through Email, since they use Indian call centers and I couldn't get an actual tech at Asus to talk to to save my life.

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Anyways, the mobo in question is an Asus M3A32 MVP Deluxe, and it has an AMI BIOS.It may be enabled for PCI-Express GFX links in certain configurations.Clumping may be enabled when using only the lower number bridge within each PCIe GFX core.yeah, those BIOS options i posted previously was a rough guideline. /edit also, if you copied those RAM settings, the reason why you didn't pass the POST was because of a memory error more-than-likely. i find that time and time again, memory is the #1 cause of system instability, especially if you overclocking and tweaking ddr2-800 to 3-3-3-8 1T timings.heh I being an idiot too tried the whole copy and paste thing...you're right memory timings prevented a post.So here's my dilema/setup M3A32-MVP Deluxe Board Phenom x3 8650 stock air cooling 2058MB Kingston Hyper X PC8500 memory 2 250GB WD Caviar's in Raid 0 My DDR2 says it's 8500 1066Mhz..when I run c PUz it tells me the memory is PC6400 800Mhz memory.

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The lower the setting the lower the latency DCQ Bypass Maximum [Auto] DRAM Timing Configuration Memory Clock Mode [Manual] Memory Clock Value [800 MHz] 2T Mode [Enabled] Command rate setting DRAM Timing Mode [DCT 0] CAS Latency (CL) [5 CLK] TCWL [5 CLK] added setting with bios 1002 (CAS write latency-the lower the setting the faster the writes) TRCD [5 CLK] TRP [5 CLK] TRAS [18 CLK] bios 1002 overrides this setting: If t RTP is set to Auto then -2 from what the setting is.

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