Man dating 2 women

#4 Smile for him Men are automatically drawn towards women who seem happier and more fun to be with.A smiling, flirty woman is far more approachable than a surly, saggy woman.

But what next, do you want him to fall in love with you or are you happy with him trailing you like a lost pup?Giving a guy the chance to take a sneak peek now and then would only make him want to see them more, and hopefully without any clothes on.[Read: The reason behind why men like breasts] Now taking the clothes off for him is your decision, but this move will definitely seduce him and make him want more.So all the other perverts can just look away for all we care.[For men: How to stare at a girl’s cleavage] If you want to seduce a man, never bare everything or wear skimpy clothes. Instead, wear something that gives you an opportunity to give him a little peek now and then.

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