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(Registration opened to the public in 2007.) Being new, it was also youthful: you could tell when a person signed up for email by the client they used—AOL between 19; Hotmail or Yahoo! When Gmail automatically added Gchat to every user’s inbox in 2006, it was like a conspiracy of the young against the old.

We would chat while they thought we were working; they would grow old and die; we would inherit the earth and chat forever. Our real name is right there, and anyway the mood is all wrong. Another is from our grandmother ([email protected]): she misses us.

Madame de Rambouillet talked in bed, stretched out on a mattress, draped in furs, while her visitors remained standing.

Blue velvet lined the walls of the room, which became known as “the French Parnassus”: a model for the 17th- and 18th-century salons, where aristocratic women led male in polite and lively discussion. But conversation, in the 17th century, was a novel ideal of speech: not utilitarian instructions or religious catechism, but an exchange of ideas, a free play of wit.

Before the introduction of the Buddy List—in 1996, dubbed the “stalker feature” by AOL employees—you could come and go without any of them noticing.Time is misspent twice: we talk about life as thoughtlessly as we live it. In contrast to chat rooms, where we talked to many people in public, in Gchat we talk to many people .(We could gather our friends together—Group Chat has been around since 2007—but mostly we don’t.) “As long as one is in society,” said 18th-century salon hostess Suzanne Necker, “one must occupy oneself with others, never keeping silent out of laziness or from distraction.” But distraction is endemic to daytime Gchatting, especially at work.Gmail saves the histories of our chats, should we ever care to look.It turns out we use the internet to talk about what other people are talking about on the internet: “Oh god please look at what she just tweeted.” “Hang on I’ll find the link.” And then there are the tactical chats—“I guess I am not that in the mood for Thai food? Mixed in with the rest, and preserved for all eternity, they assemble further evidence of our gross mortal wastefulness.

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