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Whether that’s taking a chance, whether that’s working harder, whether that’s never giving up.Ultimately I think you separate yourself from the pack, and in turn, you can become great.”2) Drew Canole (Fitness Celebrity) – “Living an authentic life the best way that you know how to do it.If you follow Men Provement often, then you know I am a huge advocate of using podcast’s to accelerate your life.My favorite podcast is The School of Greatness, which is run by Lewis Howes.That’s greatness in my eyes, its not about money, its not about success.”19) Mignon Fogarty (Grammar Girl) – “Being happy with what you;re doing and as much in control of your own destiny as you can be.”20) Derek Harper (Social Triggers) – “Being the best.”21) A.

And when somebody does that, and they get happiness out of it, then that’s a great life.”3) Rich Roll (Ultra Man World Champion) – “To me.When you’ve honored that in yourself and you’ve honored that to be able to elevate others then you’ve lived a great life.”16) Tony Blauer (Self defense expert) – “Greatness is being the hero in your story.And if your doing the best to do that, then that’s greatness.”18) Ameer Rosic (Health and fitness expert) – “Greatness is an individual that can make a peoples emotions light up, and an individual that can make a person cry, and an individual that can give a person hope.So greatness is actually using the power of psychology, using the power of emotions, to advance ones needs, agendas and happiness.”11) Tim Ferris (Author/Entrepreneur) – “Setting a goal that your former self would of thought impossible, and just trying to get a little bit better everyday.”12) Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income) – “Greatness to me, is the equivalent of inspiration, and the more someone can inspire, the greater they are.“The true measure of your worth include all the benefits others have gained from your success.” – Colin Hightower.

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