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Some of that clarity, that black-and-white point of view. If you look at Michelangelo's sculpture, don't you think David looks like Elvis? It is also annoying that he is the most famous Jew in the world and they gave him an uncircumcised . "Landlady" is an extraordinarily pretty love song about you and Ali and thanking her for so much. I can't believe it because I grew up sleeping on people's couches, sleeping on their floor, running away to the circus and joining a rock & roll band.But now it seems like you're in another place entirely. It has taken me a long time to figure out where home is.Bono continues to pour his energy into global causes, meeting with world leaders and working on behalf of his ONE Campaign, which fights extreme poverty.He is the rarest of rock stars – an artist and an activist in the same measure.The election of Donald Trump and a rising wave of fascism in Europe had rocked Bono, as had a near-death experience he suffered while making Songs of Experience.

And then a few people said, "You can't really go there, can you? And, yes, it was physical for me, but I think I have spared myself all that soap opera. Bono on How U2's ' Songs of Experience' Evolved, Taking on Donald Trump "I've always believed in working across the aisle ... I didn't think that I had a fear of a fast exit. Grace and some really clever people got me through, and my faith is strong. It hopefully has just enough humor and humility for it not to be fucking excruciating. It's dominated by frequency of plays, but that is not actually a measure of the weight of an artist. But, later, he was saying, "Look, I am up on my [drum] perch [at concerts]. " I spoke to somebody recently, a Bruce fan, and I said, "Do you know this song? It is a song of experience, actually." And they said, "No, I don't know that." So these songs, they can slip through the cracks of culture.It seems like you have more clarity, that you learned more. I left home probably the week my mother died [when Bono was 14]. It has taken me a long time, but I think I finally came home.I'm less unsure about taking political risks or social risks. I mean, I stayed there on [childhood home] 10 Cedarwood Road for the next few years, but I wasn't really there. But the only way I could say that is with some humor. You have all this feisty stuff, but you also have, on "Blackout," "The dinosaur wonders why it's still on the Earth. You know that song Bruce wrote, [2007's] "Girls in Their Summer Clothes"?That's a kind of magic trick, and realizing that of course all the problems that we find in the exterior world are just manifestations of what we, you know, what we hold inside of us, in our interior worlds. That sometimes you just have to be in that cave of despair. When I got my act together, he gave me a fresh start. And so you have that voice in "Love Is All We Have Left": [Sings] "Now, you're at the other side of the telescope/Seven billion stars in her eyes/So many stars, so many ways of seeing/Hey, this is no time not to be alive." It is the innocent you speaking to the experienced you and saying it is OK.The biggest fucker, the biggest asshole, the biggest, the most sexist we can be, the most selfish, mean, cunning, all those characters you are going to see them in the mirror. You sense you might like him, but he does some terrible things as he wanders through four phases – servant, poet, warrior, king. He is quite a modern figure in terms of his contradictions. I have come to some peace with that younger zealot that I used to be. The love that people make, the deals that people make to stay together.

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