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"One person I interviewed was deeply religious and said he talked to his pastor about everything, including his wife's infidelity," Compeau said."But when he ran into financial problems, he wasn't comfortable sharing that with his pastor." Part of the problem, Compeau said, is that even though there are legitimate reasons people go into debt (medical bills, job loss), the American culture tends to assume that if you're having financial trouble, it's your own fault and you have some kind of character flaw.

Younger respondents were also more willing to chat about most of the other taboo topics, including their rent/mortgage payment, their salaries and the details of their love lives.

America's Protestant work ethic culture means that much of our identity is tied up in how we're doing financially, Compeau says, so not being able to provide for your family or pay the bills can cause feelings of embarrassment and shame.

Compeau recently saw that firsthand, when he conducted in-depth interviews for a research project with consumers who had suffered major debt problems.

The telephone poll included a representative sample of 1,005 American adults (see poll methodology), and had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Participants were asked, "how likely you would be to talk openly to someone you've just met about this topic? They were asked to say whether they were very likely, somewhat likely, somewhat unlikely, or very unlikely to discuss a topic.

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