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Perhaps the only shred of symbolic truth behind the “great” America Donald Trump frequently alludes to is the blood red of his now iconic baseball cap. The psychological effects of witnessing black bodies being brutalized hasn’t helped put an end to this plague against a community, or even cultivate empathy within those in power.So if that authority is still killing with total impunity, what’s the point of recording?The unfortunate outcome of the democratization of digital technology is that the visual appetite for violence is regularly satisfied with images of atrocity.We are forging a new world where explicit content such as graphic porn is so readily available it becomes ordinary, while evidence of tragedy must be photographed for people to simply acknowledge suffering.Everyday people post their run-ins with the cops on their social media platforms to document the realities of state sanctioned brutality.Recording and publishing evidence online are acts of defiance against our oppressors.

The exploitation of black labor and genocide of indigenous people are the foundation of a country that refuses to atone for its sins.Multiple shots ring out in the Baton Rouge night, the videographer quickly puts the camera down — “They shot him? Less than a day later, another trending topic: #Philando Castile.His was more graphic than the father in Louisiana, and instead of a perfect stranger, it was Castile’s longtime girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, who hit record on the recent Facebook Live feature.Then sadness, utter depression, outrage, grief, and the all-too-common numbness: my own Kübler-Ross model.To escape everyone’s 140-character observations I made my way to Facebook.

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