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"Guaranteed." With that and a protracted sigh, she sat back in the seat. Not my balls either, which enjoyed spewing their contents deep within the interior of Britt's silky smooth pussy as often as they could.

I don't mean my cock, though it was certainly an accomplice to the transgression.

So, like many to-be-wed couples, we agreed to keep the option and our minds open to the thought.

Jim toys with Howard by telling him to cover for him while he goes to his MARRIED girlfriend's house to fuck her. All of it." Her lower lip curled under her top teeth and she bit down. Say the word and I'll blow this whole thing off in a heartbeat." I wanted to be supportive of her. Try as I might though, there was no masking the note of disappointment in my anxious voice. So what are you honestly looking for regarding the two of us? Then, she gave the slightest of head shakes before she came around and eased her luscious ass onto the seat.

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