Rob pattinson and kristen stewart dating news

"It makes you want to just stop everything sometimes.

Robert Pattinson hinted strongly at some relationship trouble with his maybe-fiance FKA Twigs in a recent interview with Howard Stern.

The statuesque blonde took a fashion risk in a sheer-nude figure-hugging gown, that featured a thigh-high split.

The 26-year-old actress was, of course, addressing President Donald Trump’s completely bizarre obsession with her much-ballyhooed breakup from her Twilight costar, Robert Pattinson. Which is, you know, super macho.“Four years ago I was dating this guy Rob—Robert—and we broke up and then we got back together, and for some reason it made Donald Trump go insane,” shared Stewart. The president is not a huge fan of me,” joked Stewart. While Twigs reportedly moved out of their shared house, the couple still has "love for each other," a second source said. The two had been dating for three years; reports of their engagement broke in April 2015. News that their travel schedules "took a big toll" on the relationship and that Pattinson initiated the split.Katy has always been a good friend to Rob over the years and has been there for him emotionally.""She wants to make sure he is doing okay," the source added."Rob knows how good of a friend she is and he was also there for her when she was going through her divorce.

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