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In 452 BC, February was moved between January and March.

By the 1st century BC, the Roman calendar had become hopelessly confused.

But He was born, according to tradition, upon December the 25th.Watching the countdown calendar to the publication day of INCEPTIO on 1 March reminded that the first of the month in the Roman system – the Kalends – ended up as our word for measuring the whole thing.In my Roma Nova thrillers, I use the standard Western system the world has agreed to use, but how did the traditional Roman system work? According to legend, Romulus, the founder of Rome, instituted the calendar in about 738 BC.It is lawful for anyone to search these ancient records, publicly deposited at Rome, and there to learn the time of this enrollment.” [John Chrysostom, In Diem Natalem, Migne: Patrologia Graeca, 49, 353-354.Translation taken from Hyde: "The Date of Christ's Birth" in The Living Church, December 31, 1904 p.

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