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The women are using their snaps to share empowering messages to encourage other women to embrace their natural looks.

The ladies are accompanying their snaps with inspirational hashtags, such as #allbodiesaregoodbodies, #ihaveembraced and #BOPO, which is short for 'body positive'.

I love to see the beauty in everything BUT life isn't always easy and I struggle too. Don't use it because your scared of yourself without it �������� #positivebeatsperfect A post shared by Connie���� (@my_life_without_ana) on "You aren't body positive if you wear makeup" Sorry, didn't realise you controlled the rule book when it comes to body positivity. It's asking that you question what you view as compulsory beauty rules but... YOU DONT NEED TO ALTER YOURSELF TO MAKE YOURSELF BEAUTIFUL. Having 'bad' skin doesn't take away from your worth, your value as a human so check it off your list of worries. It can't change who you are, your kind heart or your soul, its normal and human! I don't NEED make up anymore, I don't NEED to cover up and that's pretty damn special...

I'm a real sensitive and emotional human being and I don't feel ashamed for crying. We love, we laugh, we party but we also struggle and cry and sometimes we feel sad. Body positivity does not ban you from: - wearing makeup - shaving any part of your body - wearing heels - dying your hair - plucking your eyebrows - any beauty regime you want to take part in Body positive women wear makeup all the time. Your kindness, your humour, your courage, your ambition, your self love - that's what makes you truly beautiful. neither do you :3 ❤️ A post shared by Milly Smith ����☀️�� (@selfloveclubb) on I recently went make-up free for 6 weeks �� for some people? For someone who literally used to refuse to open the door to the postman without make-up on? And I've written all my thoughts on going barefaced, make-up culture and the beauty industry in a new blog post that you can find through the link in my bio �� I spent so long believing that make-up was something that I NEEDED to wear to be worthy of being seen in the world, and I STILL sometimes fall back into that thinking, despite knowing that NONE OF US exist to be visually appealing to other people when we go out.

Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian may have made flawless selfies a social media staple but it seems women are rebelling.

In a new social media trend that's being dubbed 'Gen Natural' - generation natural - ladies are shunning heavily contoured makeup and perfect hair for makeup-free selfies on social media. To be honest, I didn't have anyone to teach me how to do my own makeup growing up so I turned to You Tube, but I still struggle with it so I choose to go without most days. Sometimes, I'll scroll through my social media and see these fit girls who have hair extensions in, lashes done, and their makeup flawless-photo after photo. Today, I challenge you to be comfortable in your own skin. And if you wanna wear it everyday then more power to you, if it makes you feel good!

You don't need to put in work on your appearance just to live your daily life. Whatever you choose to do with that glorious face of yours, I need you to know that you are ALWAYS good enough as you are naturally.

There is a difference between the joy of creativity that comes with loving make up and the feeling that you aren't good enough without it. There is no standard for beauty, because the human form is so vast, changing and different. Whether you have acne, scarring, skin discolouration, dark circles or anything else we've been taught to see as 'flaws' (that actually aren't flaws at all) -YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH AS YOU ARE. With wrinkles and blemishes, with pimples and scars, with anything that makes you feel like you're not good enough, because there is no one else on this planet exactly like you.

I haven't dyed my hair in about 2 and a half years and actually prefer the natural look.So I choose to be ole natural me for the most part, if you'll notice from most of my posts. A post shared by Sia Cooper (@diaryofafitmommyofficial) on *THIS IS THE SAME PHOTO* Shoutout to editing apps and photoshop for making the entire world believe they're not quite beautiful enough.But why is society pressuring us that makeup will make us just a bit more beautiful? Guys we all smooth our skin, use nice filters and I definitely like to erase my acne sometimes - but I always remember that I will never be the girl on the left because she doesn't exist, she isn't real, and I can't walk around with a smoothing filter on my skin, I can't stretch my lips to be bigger with a warping tool.Now I know I'm all about promoting a healthy lifestyle and enjoying training, finding your balance and being the best version of you- but NO superfood salad or 10 mile run is going to make you feel great if you can't look at yourself and be genuinely happy and content with RIGHT NOW- not thinking about what you were like or what you should be, but right now. Saying it's just because I feel confident with it on but honestly I'm struggling with myself at the moment and makeup hides a multitude of sins. Saying goodbye to the girl who's cried all night and hello to the girl who walks around in unicorn colours.My friend Gerry the other day was talking about how we put things off because we never "feel ready" - well folks as he said "this isn't a dress rehearsal"������if you think like that you'll never do the things you want to. �� The thing is, I know I'm worthy and beautiful either way. #scarrednotscared #onetakebeauty A post shared by Michelle Elman (@scarrednotscared) on Just wanting to reiterate (to myself and you guys) that you do not NEED makeup to make you beautiful.

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Women from all over the globe have been taking to Instagram to share contrasting snaps of themselves with and without makeup to prove ladies can look just as beautiful without cosmetics and filters. �� I treat myself to eyelash extensions because I have zero lashes and I like the fact I don't want to wear mascara anymore (thanks @lovalashbar! However, I'm going to let you in on a little insecurity of mine.. I wonder at times would I have more followers if I dolled myself up for every photo? But it's time to break this stigma that society has placed upon us.

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