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He was sent to Rome to accompany the tax due from the province and whilst there he was converted to Christianity by Pope Stephen 1.

He eventually became the first Bishop of Rouen and performed many miracles including an excorcism where he cast out devils in their true form - monkeys!!

Gwladys accompanied Gwynllyw into a hermits life and for a while they lived together on Stow Hill, fasting, eating a vegetarian diet, and bathing in the cold waters of the Usk to prove their piety.Pope Celastine I was concerned that the British church would not break away from the teachings of divine grace.Germanus and Lupus confronted the Pelagians, who were described as being 'conspicuous for riches, brilliant in dress and surrounded by a fawning multitude'.He is the patron saint of Welsh pirates and the city of Newport, his feast day is 29th March.Tradition holds that he came to Anglesey by sea from Rome, landing at Porth yr Yehen, where he built the church of Llanelian, which is named after him. He was born in Madley (Then in Wales, now in Herefordshire, England), at a time when Christianity was waning in England and paganism was revived.

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She is remembered for having Macsen build roads across the country so that the soldiers could more easily defend it from attackers, the great Roman road, Sarn Helen running from Caernarfon to south Wales and many other Roman roads in Wales are named after her, and she is thus acknowledged as the patron saint of British roadbuilders and the protectress of travellers.

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