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Our meetings would go from 1hour upto 2 hours 15 mins where as with her other clients it would be 15 - 20 mins and thats it.Our conversations had never been about what they are meant to be about, it was always like friends talking to each other over a coffee and it went very personal most of the time.The big problem is that I am still married and even though I respect and get on well with my Gemini wife, I no longer love her.My Scorpio girl is divorced and refuses to enter into a sexual relationship with me while I am still married.As far as the no sex goes, scorpio women like to be taken.I find that the Taurus man is too concerned with being polite than being aggessive. Perhaps if you're a little more aggressive with her, she'll be more sexually into the relationship.My kids are grown up and have left home, but she still has two kids at home.

What gets to me is how my possessiveness is tested by her not wanting to be possessed (if that IS the case).From the moment we started seeing each other our relationship has been very physical.We've never argued, although, there is a small spot of hardheadedness from the both of us sometimes.She is wonderful and I know that one day we will be together. Im a taurus man dating a scorpio, I love her very much i think is the most wonderful thing that ever came on my path, likewise you know women will try to make you feel jelous but i love her still even though im too possesive and very ...when i see her flirting with other man,overall i think she loves me,care for me i would like to show her that there are still good guys out there. its like i have known her for ever but its been two weeks.

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I feel like she TRIES to make me jealous sometimes. Also, I'm very sexual/sensual and I love trying to get her in the mood but we haven't had sex in over a month.

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