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There is a trick for columns of type ‘Multiple lines of text’ which I will talk about later).For the customer I assisted with this, both of their columns were choice fields.Sometimes it can take a couple of tries, but Share Point is nice enough to let you know if it’s not happy with your formula.Microsoft does have some really great tutorials and example formulas as well.[su_row][su_column size="3/4"]Let’s take the following scenario as an example to understand how this could be beneficial: A user is filling out a form on their medical history.

(Note: I have not tested every scenario, but this should work with any type of column except for columns of type Lookup.Let’s break down the formula so we can really understand what it is doing. The bold portion of the formula is checking to see if the value of Allergies is equal to ‘Yes’: =IF([Any Allergies?]="Yes", IF([List Allergies Here:]"", TRUE, FALSE), TRUE) B.If this validation passes (the selected value is Yes), then the next bolded portion of the formula ensures that List Allergies contains data.If it does not, the validation returns False and it will fail, returning a message to the user.

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