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Investment Banking Professional Experience in London vs.

New York On your CV, a stint in New York will always look very good and tend to impress people more than a similar stint in London.

Also, the domestic market is very active: M&A volumes in the US are always larger that what you can see in Europe.

Both will be small, overpriced and likely quite old.

Finally, another downside of working in the US is that future career options in the US will be limited as a foreigner, because things in NY are so US-centric.

US companies tend to hire local staff, and being an outsider it will be much more difficult to have the necessary professional network and cultural connection required to climb the hierarchy fast or change jobs.

The US is a very large country, and therefore investment banks will mostly do domestic business (as well as South American business), and will not require bankers to speak many languages.

In Europe, speaking various languages, especially Europeans but also to some extend Asian languages, is highly valued.

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