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People call me Big Marvin because I'm a six-foot-one, 260-pound black man. Montello College is a small, four-year private school with a roughly ten-thousand-person student body. It's also got a large number of African-American students, which made me feel right at home. If you're a chubby chaser like me, she's a dream come true.

I'm proud of my body, unlike lots of big folks who got self-esteem and body image issues. I used to play Football at Montello Technical High School in Montello City, Massachusetts. I attend Montello College in Southern Massachusetts. The school is wonderfully diverse, evenly split between the sexes.

Qi Gong has many facets and gains more and more attention in the public.

The foundation of Qi Gong practice is mindfulness and everyone can learn it.

Developed exlusively for the TOA, multichannel audio and numerous projectors will turn it into an abstract temple of immersive acoustic manipulations and architectural shiftings, artistically regrouping the perception of the visitor.

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