For instance, in an annulment case the court awards custody of the children and orders payment of child support just as in a divorce.The key distinction between divorce and annulment is that only divorce can terminate a valid marriage.However, if the couple entered into a common law marriage in a state where it is legal to do so (Texas, for instance) before relocating to Arizona, then they may be able to obtain a divorce in this state.The validity of the Texas common law marriage would have to be established first, before a divorce could be granted by the Arizona court.Today could be the day we celebrate Girexit."7pm GMT: The zoo keeper has said he has noted how large April is as they notice her bulges.They revealed that giraffes instinctively hide their labour as they do not want predators to realise they are about to have a baby.

More specifically, on a petition by the injured spouse the Superior Court may determine that a marriage is null and void “when the cause alleged constitutes an impediment rendering the marriage void.” A.

By comparison, in a voidable marriage one of the parties has the right to annul the marriage, but he or she has not yet exercised that right.

Annulment Is Not a Quickie Divorce First, the annulment process is not an expedited divorce in Arizona.

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Best to consult with an experienced Phoenix, Arizona, annulment attorney about special circumstances like these.

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