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In this article we will look at the most common problems people have when updating their i Phones and i Pads.

She expected to wake up in the morning as usual to an updated i Phone.Updating i OS is generally easy, but there are a few small things that can go wrong.Perhaps your friend has installed the latest version of i OS but you aren't seeing it as an option in Software Update, maybe you tried to update i OS but it refuced to install, your i Phone might have crashed or run out of power mid install, or you might have lost data, or found that your settings changed after the update was performed.One way it encourages this is by offering the chance to install them for you overnight while you're sleeping.If you're prompted to update your i Phone while you're using it, Apple now lets you choose 'Later,' which will then specify a time period during which it will update automatically for you if you've got your i Phone plugged in to a power source, which most people do overnight anyway.

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