Updating razr v3i firmware

However, beginning in the 06 model year MB began making the pre-wiring in some models optional (e.g., the '06 S-Class); I do not have a list of which, and have seen it mentioned only for some models.

If your car is not pre-wired for phone, then extensive and expensive work must be done to install the wire harnesses before other equipment can be added. Simply stated, Version Coding is programming the fiber optics controller in your car to tell it that certain electronics are present on the fiber optics bus, and allowing the controller to fully implement all of the features of the electronics.

My installation experience is limited to my own S-Class cars, so I have not seen all of the wiring and connectors in each model - for that I rely on Paul H. The bulletins on Paul's site end with MY '05, and I do not have access to later information; however, some models (such as the '06 S-Class) used identical installations to the MY '05, and the '05 bulletin can be used. It does NOT mean that the electronics such as the PSE and cradle, or any other components are present.

Cars from the 00 through 05 model years were prewired for phone systems, so that adding the required components was simple (so much so that its do-it-yourself, except for the version coding of the fiber optics).

See the audio systems primer at on Newer Cars: Much of this thread has been directed toward pre-2010 models,.

They also contain the CDC installation instructions for some models.

In addition, thanks to member Eric (eric32955), if you have trouble with the pdf file links, we have the procedure for getting them that was used by Ex-Fed, which can be used as a backup or alternate source: 1) Go to the Wayback machine site, https://archive.org/web/2) Enter the complete URL of the file formerly available on Paul's site (example - archive for the 2005 E-series sedan) from Paul's page such as " Sedan.pdf".

Paul's index page is still up so this can be used as the source for the URL information you'll need.

--If you are installing a Bluetoooth system in a D2B fiber optics-equipped car that used a Star Tac, Time Port, or Autosense PSE, posts 1, 3, 6 and 7 apply.

--If you have a car with a CP-211 system instead of a Star Tac, Timeport or Autosense PSE (an 03-04 W211 E Class, an 04 S-Class or an '04 CL), posts 1, 4, 6 and 7 apply.

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